First of all, I would like to say “Thank you Dana for you great support and professionalism throughout the whole process”. I’m pleased to say that with the help of our coaching sessions I found the right motivation to make all the decisions that positively influenced not only my career path but also my state of mind. The applied coaching style was outstanding. What I’ve appreciated the most, was the fact that Dana can easily adapt to the person needs and goals.
Finally, I would like to mention the fact that Dana was available for questions and guidance not only during the coaching sessions but also in the moments when I needed her opinion regarding a next step I wanted to make.

-Matei Anescu, Bucharest

“For the past number of weeks, I have been the fortunate recipient of Dana’s coaching. I have found this experience to be rewarding, insightful and inspiring.

Dana has an exceptional listening capacity and her attention to detail is remarkable. Dana knows when to intervene and when to leave the conversation flow. She has pushed my boundaries with her questioning technique and through her attentive support I have been able to arrive to my own solutions.
I am currently in the process of a career transition- this is a challenging period personally, yet Dana has made the process a more enjoyable one, helping me to enjoy the journey of my transition and restoring my confidence that I’m on the right path. “

Diarmuid O’ Flynn, Ireland

“Transformational coaching with Dana meet me where I was and when I needed it the most. Dana did an amazing job by guiding me through my suppressed fears and desires. I recommend meeting her and trusting that she will do her best to support you.”

Venesa Musovic, Serbia

Dana’s reflective and non-judgmental approach allowed me a space to dig deeper into myself and discover what has been holding me back for so many years, both personally and professionally. Even though we always confirmed at the end of a session, “This work will be a journey”, I now have the confidence and tools to continue on my path of being my best self.

Sadie Voet, Netherlands

In my current position as Learning & Development Referent, I often talk to Executives / Managers about Coaching and Mentoring but also I used it for my continuous improvement.

So being at a turning point I decided to ask Dana for help to “reconnect with myself”, to accept myself as I am. I was continually having conversations in my head: most of time unsupportive und unhelpful when I was trying to undertake a challenge. Before my coaching session I filled out a short questionnaire, that not only helped me to mentally prepare for the upcoming meeting but also to be aware of my roadblocks.

The session went very pleasantly, Dana is a very good listener and her questions helped me to identify my needs. She also helped me by exploring lots of different possibilities to achieve my goal, had a major impact on my awareness and how to have a greater understanding of myself.

I hope we can continue working together!

Cristina Elena Popescu, Germany

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