How can I book my session?

Use the Calendly link to check availability and book the time that better suits you. You can also contact me via WhatsApp or email.

What happens if I cannot attend a session?

For not losing the session you should inform me at least 24h in advance and we look for other timings. Last minute cancelations are counted as the session has happened.

Has the introduction call any compromise for me?

The introduction call has no compromise from either side. The main objective of the introduction call is for the coach and the coachee to get in contact and evaluate the possibility of a future collaboration.

What happens if I have some questions or doubts in between sessions?

In between sessions I am offering full support by WhatsApp, email and even phone call if necessary.

What happens if I bought a pack of sessions and I want to stop before is finished?

The purchased sessions have no expiration date. If you decide to stop before you finish your number of sessions, you can keep the sessions left for later. Also, they can be ceded to a family member or friend.

What is the frequency of the sessions?

The frequency of the sessions depends on the coachee. What is suggested, is a weekly session for the first month and then biweekly or even monthly.

Still have questions that were not covered here, no worries, you can drop me a message and I will gladly solve all the doubts.

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