About Me

Hello, I am Dana. 

As some would say: the lucky one who found her life purpose and passion.  

As I would say, a person who managed to overcome her struggles, discover herself and find her path.  

Easier said than done…  

I started my journey in my beloved Romania at 23 years old and what I thought was just a job. With many fears and insecurities, I said yes to the opportunities I´ve got. With struggles, doubts, and tears, I embarked on my life journey. Working as HR, I managed teams of different nationalities, challenges and realities and this experience enlarged my view and understanding on how the right approach makes the difference.  

I learned to be flexible and adapt to the changes. I learned that I can only help others if I help myself first. I learned that there is always a way if I am open to finding it. I learned to express and value myself. I learned to unlearn what is not serving me and make space for the new. I learned to change my mindset. I learned to be MYSELF. 

Supporting the growth and unveil the human potential has become my passion.  And to be able to upskill it and bring even more value, I have added the coaching skill and mindset to my toolbox as nothing is more fulfilling than walking alongside a person in his/her transformation process.  

As a mindset coach I can support you to identify your limiting believes, understand who you are, what you want and how we can use what now seems a weakness into your most powerful tool and live your best life. 

I have been where you are now and because I see you, we will do great things together. 

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